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Space Market Research-Project Examples 

Satellite Communications Government Markets-Customer Satisfaction Research

Government Satellite Market Research

Satellite GEO communications company, teleports, terrestrial-interconnect serving DoD, NATO, MoDs, civil government, integrators. Recent growth from acquisitions, new initiatives impacted organization, account coverage shifts. Company determined need for independent research to assess customer satisfaction, areas for improvement, competitiveness, new products. In-depth research conducted carefully with multiple key decision makers, different customer levels secured representative views from customer base. This customized research provided an informed, objective roadmap enabling company to identify critical future initiatives.

Power Components Space Market Research

High-Power Amplifier Components-Ka-Band Satellites-Global Market Assessment

Power component company, related solutions satellites, spacecraft, seeking new growth, needed assessment of market for downlink transmitters, solid state power amplifiers SSPAs Ka-band satellites, tailored to its design capabilities: 10 year market size, expected technical requirements, market potential, risks, rewards. Combining select secondary data, with key market expert, decision-makers input, this project defined which Ka-band satellite projects would likely launch (numbers and timing), insights on subsystem transponder, satellite componentry design requirements, attainable company market share. This gave critical guidance for sales focus, competitive advantage, financial forecasts, product development.

Lunar, Mars, Asteroid Space Mining (ISRU) Solution-System Design Guidance

Space Mining Market Research

Future space missions may require crew teams live, work on lunar, planet, asteroid surfaces without access to critical earth resupply (spare parts, 30 printing activity, tools). Missions will deploy ISRU (in situ resource utilization), manufacturing with materials from these deep-space environments. Project (for global technology firm designing vacuum test chamber simulating deep-space environs) assembled in-depth research ISRU-mission experts on design, requirements, business potential, competitive landscape, market entry, growth strategies. Examples: Boeing Space, Lockheed Space (OSIRIS REX), NASA Glenn, multiple other ISRU players.

Space Energetics Market Research

Precision Energetics, Explosives-New Business Opportunity Roadmap

Leading energetic solution supplier for satellite, spacecraft, payload, fairing separation; release, actuation, flight termination needed independent market research aligned to its unique capabilities laying out its future business roadmap in these areas. Commercial, civil, military programs were at various planning stages. Assignment calculated addressable, available potential for over 50 identified space programs, sales estimates for its component solutions, spares, five-year projections. Calculations were based heavily from direct research input with program managers, component engineers, space scientists, engineering leads, probing current, changing needs, other insights. Project formed central core of company's 5 year R&D, markets, sales planning.

Space Imaging Opportunity Research

Precision Optics-Commercial, Government Space Growth Opportunities

High-precision space optics (mirrors, mounts, metering structures) supplier for imagery, remote sensing. Seeking business growth beyond traditional large spacecraft, satellite platforms with focus on smallsats, smaller spacecraft promising higher performance, affordability, faster deployment. Project identified key opportunities, current solutions, emerging technologies, detailed estimates market potential by segment, key competitor strategies. In-depth research feedback from US and overseas experts (commercial, civil, military programs) was critical to supporting key assumptions, recommendations.

KU-Band Space Market

Communication subsystems provider (government satellites, spacecraft) seeking growth in Ku-band HTS (High Throughput Satellites). Most HTS capacity was Ka-band, though Ku had recent adoption with some operators (high reliability-high availability requirements). Company required guidance on market potential, design direction, opportunities. Project identified key addressable programs, timing, likelihood launching. Select secondary data, also in-depth research key operators, integrators, to validate projections, gain in-depth insight on key requirements, expectations. Company received custom, current understanding of relevant requirements, market potential, now able to direct sales efforts, key program pursuits, creating leading market position.

Ku-band-Integrated Communication Solutions-New Business Opportunities  

Cryocooler Solutions-Growth Opportunity Assessment, Sales Strategies

A European company specializing in cryocooler solutions had unique capabilities in reliability, weight, vibration, and easier integration. It now supplied various system-level OEMs and wanted to expand its U.S. space and satellite business to military, civil, and commercial markets. The company required a custom analysis of market potential and a sales roadmap for strategic new growth.

Space Components Market Strategy

Optics (Space, Airborne, Ground, Directed Energy-New Growth Assessment

Directed Energy Space Market Research

A leading technology company with advanced solutions in Geospatial, ISR, Space and related markets required an independent update on market trends, key program opportunities, major competition, and market size/growth estimates across several major optics market segments. These included space optics, airborne optics, ground-based optics, directed energy systems, and inspection systems. 

Rocket Launch Pad.jfif

Hyper-local Weather-Rocket Launch-Radar Sensor New Solution Assessment

Rocket launching requires precise, hyper local (specific pad-area location) weather forecasting, increasingly disrupted by unexpected, rapidly-changing weather. Company with unique sensor radar solutions, seeking to assess potential opportunities in this market, required custom assessment of market potential. This assignment analyzed current problems, future concerns due to climate impacts, existing suppliers, new technologies, key challenges, potential sales channels. Key conclusions were heavily based on detailed feedback from multiple meteorological experts (integrators, space scientists, weather radar providers) who viewed company's preliminary system, providing detailed recommendation market entry, growth strategies.

PNT (Position Navigation Timing) Opportunity Assessment, Top Sales Targets 

Leading space technology company (unique signal efficiency, size, weight, power capabilities) was seeking to expand business in PNT market applications. PNT was a top space priority (for GPS denied, contested environments, interest driven by concern with commercial over-reliance on GPS-disruptive to defense mission, tactical planning, weapon employment, communication, assured command, control. This tailored assignment assessed the relevant PNT opportunity landscape for this company, current suppliers, emerging technologies, future addressable space and military programs, list of priority programs to pursue. Extensive research conducted with key SMEs was critical for major assumptions, detailed recommendations.

PNT Market Opportunity Research
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